Designed by : Roger Tavares

Welcome to the new home of TAVA Panelbeaters

'The experienced master of panelbeating, spray painting, auto electrical, mechanical, dent removal and chassis
straightening repairs'. Our priority is to maximise customer satisfaction through service excellence, efficiency and
precision. Our mission statement stands firm as we believe 'Our future belongs to our clients' and therefore strive to
make our client's experience with TAVA, one that is individualistic and memorable.

Our work ethic is one that is based on transparency not only with our clients but with our employees. At TAVA Panelbeaters, we believe that treating employees fairly and equally is not only a moral responsibility but
necessary for company growth. High morale amongst internal staff increases productivity and efficiency, thus
in turn leading to the client's expectations being exceeded once the final product is delivered. In order to
achieve professional development and synergy in the workplace, we continuously encourage our
employees to partake in various courses, training programmes and team building workshops.

Competitive advantage is one of the aspects that provide TAVA with a leading edge amongst
its competitors, as the company is equipped with measures based primarily on customer-
orientation. This simply means that we believe that the customer is 'king' regardless the
situation. A greater focus is placed on the customer in all aspects of the way in which
we do business, this being in our philosophy, goals, vision, customer support and
marketing strategies.

This therefore places TAVA Panelbeaters on a superior platform
regarding the 'know-how' of this industry, the experience the
employees possess, strategies put in place to achieve
optimal success and the exceptional service which
is guaranteed.